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  • Knee high: combining the softness of tights with the versality of socks

  • Made with 100% biodegradable yarns

Knee high: combining the softness of tights with the versality of socks

Made with 100% biodegradable yarns Shop biodegradable now

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Discover Billi London Biodegradable Comfortable Black Legging for Everyday

SEV7N Leggings

Made with a blend of innovative enhanced biodegradable yarns, using 3D technology for maximum durability and superior comfort, they will quickly become your new favourites.

Discover Billi London Classic 30 Denier Sustainable Tights and Biodegradable

Biodegradable tights

Premium & biodegradable tights like you've never experienced before. Biodegradability is the solution championed by Billi London to reduce the harmful environmental impact of tights that end up in landfills.



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Billi London's Irresistible Sustainable Tights Box Offers Two Biodegradable and Ethical Tights

The Irresistible Tights Box

Dress up your legs effortlessly with our two biodegradable tights – the Classic 30 denier and Coco, in one box at an exclusive price. Your best allies!

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Our promise to you

  • Billi London are Biodegradable Tights
  • Billi London Sustainable Comfortable Tights
  • Billi London Sustainable and Durable tights
  • Billi London Ecofriendly Tights are Elegant
  • Billi London Ecofriendly Tights Are Made With Timeless Designs
  • Billi London Has an Ethical and Sustainable Production Commitments
  • Billi London Used Eco-friendly Packaging For Their Sustainable Tights
  • Billi London Has an Innovative 3D Knitted Technology For Tights Production

What they say about us

This is the first time that I try tights on where I feel entirely at ease. Blown away!


I love the belt, it really holds perfectly. The Coco design is so pretty and goes with everything.


The seamless technology is amazing! It's like a second skin, so comfortable and so soft.


A new generation of tights

How do Billi London tights biodegrade?
Discover Billi London's Sustainable and Ethical Tights Which Are An Innovation in The Fashion Industry
Billi London Simple Tights Care Routine

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  • Billi London Offers Express Sustainable Tights Delivery
  • Billi London Ships Their Sustainable Biodegradable Tights with Care
  • Billi London Offers Easy Orders in One Click for their Sustainable Biodegradable Tights
  • Billi London Prepares Their Sustainable Biodegradable Tights with Love in London