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How do I recycle my old tights?

Using solid soap is often part of an eco-friendly lifestyle, but what do you do with those tiny bits of soap at the end? You certainly don’t want to throw them away… And you’re right not to!


What you need is a simple way to make them work together. That’s where your old pair of tights come in; get ready to craft! Here is Billi London's first super simple, step-by-step tutorial. There’ll be more, so sign up to our newsletter, stay in the know, and keep all your pairs of old tights…


All you need for this recycling activity is: 


- A pair of scissors


- Tiny bits of soap – though you can also use a full bar! (Your recycled soap bag will help make the soap bar foamier.)


- A pair of old tights – here, we used our black Classic 30 Denier Tights, but you can use a pair whose colour matches your bathroom colour scheme, for instance.

Get nifty with Billi London's Soap Bag tutorial made with recycled tights


Hold one leg and simply cut out the foot part of the tight. You can keep the rest of the tights, leg and waistband for other projects. If you have a craft box, store those bits there to make sure you don’t lose them.


As you run the scissors to cut out the foot part, make the most of the fabric’s elasticity by stretching it a little. It makes the cutting process much easier, and you’ll get a cleaner line.


(We love this moment, playing with different textures! Probably the joy of seeing them meet in a whole new way as you upcycle old tights.)


Simply fill with the bits of soap…


...and tie!


One basic knot is fine, but of course that’s up to you. You can for instance create a loop and secure it with several knots to hang your soap bag in the shower.


How satisfying! Not only is this tutorial useful, it’s a win-win in terms of recycling.

Two things you could have thrown away - your old pair of tights and the tiny bits of soap – have been saved from the bin! Nice one. Plus the bag will help the soap lather. Finally, it was so simple… and who doesn’t like craft projects that can be completed in a matter of minutes?


Now, since a pair of tights has two feet, guess what? You can use the other foot to make a great DIY gift! Don’t keep the magic of upcycling to yourself…


Come back here soon for more fun craft ideas to upcycle old tights. 

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