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Ethical fashion brands’ responsibilities

Anciela is wearing en ethical fashion brand, Billi London for fahion week

Photo credit: Anciela, with our Classic 30 Denier tights

Sustainable fashion isn’t just about environmental issues… It is very much about social changes and human rights. And that’s why we urgently need more commitments to ethics and transparency from fashion brands.


Thanks to the great work of environmental activists, we now know that living more sustainably isn’t just about protecting nature. It is about refusing exploitation and creating a fairer place for everyone. 

That’s why greenwashing is a real danger. Some brands would claim to be ‘responsible’, but their use of trendy eco-friendly terms doesn’t mean that their overall approach is carefully considered, nor that they respect human rights. 

A jumper’s material might be recycled or organic, but where and how was it sourced? Who sewed it into the final garment we’re wearing, and in which working conditions? 

We want to contribute to a world with better rights for women and all workers of the fashion industry. It’s our responsibility as an ethical fashion brand.

Sustainability and ethics must be at the heart of everything we do, especially as women are often the first victims of damaging practices and policies.


A woman dancing in nature wearing Billi London’s tights, an ethical fashion brand

Beyond the labels

While being helpful in giving you some crucial information, labels are not the only thing that matters when it comes to making informed decisions as a customer. A brand’s responsibility goes far beyond labels and even certifications – some of which are not very clear anyway… (And we hope to clarify them in future articles.)

While not all information can be listed on a label, a responsible brand will always answer your questions honestly, and give you access to the information that you need. So don’t be afraid to ask! 

A woman enquiring about ethical fashion brands’ responsibilities

‘Okay then, I’ll call Billi…’ 

Yes, please do! We do provide information on our website, particularly about our policies in terms of sustainability and ethics, but it might be that what you’re looking for isn’t there. Send your question to, and we will be very happy to answer. Because our goal is to always do better, we also welcome any feedback and suggestions, so never hesitate to reach out.

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