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Billi London's Sensual Tights

Dedicated to the pleasure of the senses, Billi London sensual tights are with you everyday to create your most memorable stories.


The bliss of a second skin gently caressing your legs.


The gracefulness of your figure wrapped in softness.


The comfort of this reassuring, delicate sensation.


The satisfaction and confidence of feeling sexy and radiating timeless beauty.


The playfulness of combining different materials, styles and colours.


The joy of a relaxed mind and unrestricted movements.

A model lying on a blanket, having placed her hand between her skin and the soft waistband of her Billi London Classic 30 Denier Tights

Daydreaming about tights, but not yet sure which pair you’ll go for?


No need to rush, your Billi London digital gift card is valid on our e-shop for 12 months…


So you can indulge yourself on any given day. 

A model stretching a pair of her Billi London Coco Pattern Seamless Belt Eco Black Tights in order to highlight the unique and exclusive pattern

Your relationship to tights is unique


We all have different experiences, different ways to treasure them, love them, trust them.


But there’s one thing we believe all tights should give you: a truly sensual experience


We talked to you about this, and here’s what you had to say about tights.

A model, arms stretched above their head, looking out of the window while wearing a shirt, knickers, and a pair of Billi London Classic 30 Denier Tights