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Thank You

Billi London is not just Marie and Sophie. Since we’ve started building the brand, we have met and spoken to hundreds of people. Some of them opened our eyes, guided us, inspired us and gave us ideas. We hold them and their generosity responsible for making Billi what is today and where it will evolve to in the future.

The list below will be evolving and we will keep on adding to it as we continue our journey, wherever it may take us.

Ben Keene
Jared Williams
Anna Dominic
Patricia Witwoet
Bernard Saltiel
Cherie Yang
Justine Hutteau
Pelin Turgut
Monika Radclyffe
Théo Corboliou
Anna Grzelczak
Luke Hardwick
Estelle Bérard
Marion Mohan
Lizon Tijus
Margherita Poggiali
Amandine Ber
Philippine De Giraud
Zoé Arnaud 
Manon Dupuy
Elise Anastasio
Celestine Reya
Anais Jauer
Alice Jauer
Solène Pettier
Emina Mameledzija
Manon Henry
Mathilde Henry
Marie-Claude Vergara
Constance Callet
Seda Badalyan
Jemima Daisy
Laura Rouchouse
Léa Combier
Louise Duchesne 
Chloé Lepany
Margaux Codsi
Alix Gréaume
Joséphine Firino
Clara Migeot
Leonie Maingret
Véronique Billi
Léa Collet
Estelle Jauneaud
Marie-Cécile Bouhier
Pierre Tucoulat
Harry Edmeades
Julien Callède
Daniel Silva
Alexandre Suermondt
Mary McLeod
Erwann Bouhier
Rowenna Reid
Helen Cooper
Antoine Pelletier
Guénola Bouhier
Virgil Perreira
Charles-Edouard Berouti
Chrystèle Gimaret
Xavier Ducourneau
Elisa Jacobsen
Pauline Eichaker
Camille Eichaker
Marie-Laure Picard
Judith Tolley
Sonia Papillon

We don’t want them to be forgotten and it is important for us to thank them in black and white and acknowledge their support to our followers and network.

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