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Duo offer: 2 leggings
Duo offer: 2 leggings
Duo offer: 2 leggings
Duo offer: 2 leggings
Duo offer: 2 leggings
Duo offer: 2 leggings
Duo offer: 2 leggings
Duo offer: 2 leggings
Duo offer: 2 leggings
Duo offer: 2 leggings

Duo offer: 2 leggings

€130 €150

Sexy savings on our SEV7N Leggings. Get 15% off!


Two premium pieces for daily quality and outfit flexi-billi-ty. To minimise waste, your bundle will arrive without a photographic product sleeve.

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Ultra-comfortable and so soft
Ultra-comfortable and so soft
Revolutionary shaping and non-slip waistband
Curves toning and sculpting effect 
Strong and resistant fibres
Lightweight and resistant
Zero plastic packaging. Recycled and recyclable.
Zero plastic packaging; Recycled and recyclable
SEV7N is the new generation of legging. Incredibly comfortable and shaping, looking both smart and casual, you won’t want to take them off!

- Made in Italy from the most premium, resistant and innovative yarns


- 150 denier appearance


- Comfortable and soft for a second skin effect


- 3D technology 


- 360-degree flexibility so no more rolling, twisting and pinching


- Seamless at the crotch


- Curves toning and sculpting effect to beautify your natural silhouette 


- A soft and large 8.5cm seamless non-slip waistband; sewn by hand with a natural tummy flattening effect


- Billi london logo stamped inside at the back of the leggings to differentiate the front and back


- Quick drying and no ironing is required

High-technology yarns for natural and accelerated decomposition after disposal in landfill: 


Amni Soul Eco® nylon

ROICA™ V550 elastane


Made in Italy

Find Billi London's full Care Guide here.


Machine wash at 30°C maximum in a mesh garment bag; no spinning. Do not iron, tumble dry or bleach.

We deliver in the UK, in Europe, and the USA.

Shipping within 48 hours.

Standard Delivery 3-5 days for the UK and Europe.

Up to 17 days for the USA.

Billi London is the first legwear brand whose entire composition benefits from natural and accelerated degradation in landfill.


Billi London pieces are made with a unique composition, allowing them to fully degrade in a record time of only 5 years*.


The degradation process only happens in landfills. Bacteria already living in this environment munch on our pieces, bit by bit, which allows for natural degradation without human intervention.


*Reference system: ASTM D5511 - Std test.

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