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SEV7N Forest Green Biodegradable Knee-High Socks
Discover Billi London's forest green biodegradable knee-high
Billi London's comfortable and so soft forest green knee-high
Billi London's forest green Knee-high suits every style
Billi London's forest green knee high to suit every style
SEV7N Forest Green Biodegradable Knee-High Socks

SEV7N Forest Green Biodegradable Knee-High Socks

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Available to purchase as a single item, or as a Box Set with a 10% discount. 

Where the elegance of tights meets the versatility of socks. Durable, comfortable, and unbelievably soft. 

A Forest Green bold shade to suit every style !


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Key features

- Premium and luxury yarn: Amni Soul Eco® nylon and ROICA ™ V550 elastane
Appearance 60/80 Denier
- 3D technology allowing a 360-degree flexibility
- Comfortable and soft for a second skin effects 
- Colour: forest green  


Single size, will fit up to an XL sizing. 

Good for you, and the planet

Billi London legwear biodegrade in a record time of around 5 years*, they breakdown into biomass and biogas, creates renewable energies, and do not leave microplastics in landfills. 

They are ethically and sustainably made in Italy with solar-powered production & water recycling facilities.

For more information, check out our Sustainability page and our Biodegradability page. 

*In landfills. Reference system: ASTM D5511 - Std test.

Care Routine

Machine wash at 30 degrees maximum. 

Do not iron your tights Billi London Care GuideDo not tumble dry your tights Billi London Care GuideDo not bleach your tights Billi London Care Guide