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Bernard Saltiel, Former CEO, Le Bourget

Founded by his grand-father in October 1924 in Paris, Bernard Saltiel joined the family business, Le Bourget, in 1978 where he remained CEO for 15 years. In 12 years, he transformed the domestic business from an €11 million brand to €91 million international entity listed on the stock exchange. Saltiel left Le Bourget in 1993, two years before the brand was sold to Edi Group. Le Bourget to this day is one of the most familiar and established French hosiery brands. Saltiel now acts as an international consultant in the textile industry for retailers and resellers. Saltiel became Billi London's advisor in September 2019.

Bernard Saltiel Quality Check for Billi London's Sustainable Tights  Bernard Saltiel Mentor of Billi London Doing the Quality Check of Coco Biodegradable Sustainable Tights

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