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Billi London's Packaging

The packaging

All our tights are delivered in a nice shipping box developed with care and respect for our planet. 

Billi London's packaging is Recyclable, FSC certified

The function of our packaging is to protect your tights travelling from our logistics centre to your door. We've taken away the unnecessary bits and pieces too often found when buying tights today. We want to focus on what really matters: qualitative premium tights which are comfortable, durable and respectful to humans and our planet. 

We first receive our tights in large cardboard boxes, delicately folded on top each other, without any cardboard or plastic. We then wrap them in our tissue paper for protection before packing them in our Billi London shipping box.


  • The box

The cardboard and our shipping box are made in Lyon in France from recycled materials, and it is recyclable. The box is made of a resistant, high quality and low energy cardboard.

The box is FSC® (C155186) certified - Forest Stewardship Council, which is considered the "gold standard" for wood harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable.

  • The tissue paper

Our tissue paper is also FSC® certified and is produced in our partner’s factory in China. We would have preferred not to import from China, however this is a compromise we had to make to get customizable and affordable products that tick our environmental commitments. This partner is developing a factory in Europe to pursue the sticker and tissue paper manufacturing, which we will be able to benefit from in the near future, thus reducing our carbon footprint. Our partner's entire production chain is FSC® certified, which means that all their raw material suppliers also have this certification. 

The ink used on the box is completely natural, it is non-toxic soy or water based ink. This tissue paper can be recycled or composted

Billi London's Tissue Paper and Stickers are Made with Soy Ink, FSC Certified and Recyclable

  • The product labels (stickers) 

Our stickers act as product labels and indicate the composition of each model. This information is mandatory when a textile product is composed of several fibres. 

They are also FSC® certified and are produced by the same partner supplying the tissue paper. The ink used is also natural, soy-based or water-based and non-toxic. The stickers can be recycled or composted.

Billi London's Tissue Paper and Stickers are Made with Soy Ink, FSC Certified and Recyclable

  • The external sticker

Our external sticker used to seal our Billi London shipping box is produced in Nottingham, in the UK.  

This sticker is recyclable. Furthermore, according to the test methods of the INGEDE - International Association of Dinking Industry, when this sticker is placed on cardboard or paper, it does not affect the recyclability of the paper.  

The factory where this sticker is produced has set up an energy recovery system with the aim of using only renewable energy in the long term. In 2019, according to Cycle4Green certification, our supplier worked hand in hand with the Lenzing company and managed to recover 201 tons of post-production waste paper (also called release liner) for recycling. The process not only enabled our supplier to offer recycled products but also prevented them from generating 406 tons of CO² during the production of virgin paper.

 Billi London's Shipping Box Has Been Ecodesigned with Sustainable Materials

The eco-packaging alliance

Our supplier producing our tissue paper and labels, has set up the Eco-Packaging Alliance to which we contribute: for each product ordered, they plant trees in locations that need them. Our partner works with One Tree Planted a non-profit environmental tree planting charity. Targeted territories for planting trees include Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, Haiti, and Guatemala amongst others. As needs change, different locations are prioritized for reforestation. For an updated list of countries involved, you can visit the One Tree Planted’s website. 

That way, the carbon footprint generated when our products are imported from our partner’s factories to our place of dispatch in the UK is offset.

Billi London Contributes to The Eco Alliance Packaging to Plant Trees with One Tree Planted and Offset The Carbon Footprint


What about compostable packaging?

We made the choice to not send you your tights in compostable envelopes / bags because unfortunately too few people have the composts available at home. This is especially the case when living in big cities. 

This option is also not the most suitable type of packaging, as it would fail to properly protect your precious tights during transport (tests carried out, and they were unsuccessful)!


Our needs for improvements

#1: 100% biodegradable packaging

Our ultimate goal is to use 100% biodegradable packaging to be fully aligned with our mission: reducing the amount of waste created. We have selected our partner in France for its commitments and its innovative spirit to invest in developing more responsible packaging. This partner is currently working on biodegradable packaging and cardboard. Fingers crossed that it can come soon!


#2: Reusable packaging

We would also like to offer you the option of receiving your order in reusable, recycled packaging that can be adapted to the size of your order. The objective of this type of packaging is to replace single-use packaging. 

How would that work? You would receive your tights in a RePack packaging, which you must then fold up, leaving the pre-glued return label clearly visible, before returning it back empty, free of charge, by dropping it off at your nearest post office.

Billi London Would Like to Offer Repack As a Packaging Solution For Their Biodegradable Tights

We still have to wait a little bit to offer you this option as this kind of packaging is still too expensive for us at this stage of our development (unit cost per pack is 3 € + the current delivery fees).

We are also considering a young French startup, Opopop, which offers a reusable and returnable parcel service.  

Please do not hesitate to leave us a message at to let us know if you would be interested in those options.  

#3 : Adapted box formats 

We would like to develop different formats of shipping boxes adapted to each order to optimize space during transport. We plan to develop a small format to deliver a single purchase, a medium format for a box containing two tights and a large format for orders of more than 3 tights. 

If the packaging is not “made-to-fit” then one is shipping air. And what is the use of packing and shipping “air”? Eliminating void space, enable to effectively fit more products inside fewer shipping containers. Which in turn will reduce the number of necessary shipment and therefore a brand’s carbon footprint. So, ship less air, to reduce carbon footprint.

Discover Billi London's Sustainable Packaging

Say goodbye to disposable packaging! Let’s minimize waste and keep materials in use!