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Business ethics is a big topic and it can be easy to get lost in the lingo. That's why we're providing you with an easy to understand overview of our practices and policies.

It is part of our mission to continuously improve our brand’s sustainability approach and develop a culture of ethical behaviour. Sustainability principles guide our decisions and help us manage our responsibilities throughout the lifecycle of our tights – from the raw materials sourced to waste management at the end of life. Our high-quality biodegradable tights are the result.

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For us, it is crucial to recognise the importance of business ethics and be accountable to our partners, employees, customers, and other relevant stakeholders.

We are aware that our business practices impact society and the environment. Therefore, for every decision we make, we are constantly analysing our potential impact and asking questions such as are our actions more sustainable and ethical than current industry standards? Because we want to look gucci but not act like one.

We have implemented several business ethics policies that guide us to manage and monitor our impact and serve as an exemplar for other businesses seeking to practice corporate social responsibility. These are great tools to ensure that we follow only the best business practices.

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct outlines our business ethics and corporate social responsibility towards our suppliers and subcontractors further downstream. This includes our suppliers’ business ethics and responsibilities towards their partners and subcontractors. Having a code of conduct helps ensure that business ethics guide our entire supply chain. 


We have selected suppliers whom we are proud to call our partners for their sustainable and ethical commitments throughout their supply chain. 

We make it a rule to always act with integrity and make efforts to ensure greater transparency of our supply chain for our consumers. You can read more about our commitment to transparency here.


Our code of conduct also sets out the working conditions we want to establish for Billi London’s employees. These include balance, education, and respect, among others because business ethics should start at home.

Overall, we want to build a community based on shared values, trust and a love for fashion. To achieve this, we believe that ethical standards and behaviour must be front and centre.


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Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Billi London is an equal opportunity business that strives for diversity among our employees and third parties. We believe that treating everyone equally is a cornerstone of business ethics.


As employers, it is our duty to make diversity and inclusion a standard way of doing business. We will encourage underrepresented groups to apply for opportunities within our company as we grow and make adjustments when necessary.


Indeed, we want to make the pledge to have 80% of the people we employ from under-represented and disadvantaged backgrounds (women, BAME, disabled, refugees, etc.).  After all, business ethics is truly about people.


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Modern Slavery Act

The Modern Slavery Act is a piece of legislation developed by the UK Parliament. It was ratified in 2015 to combat modern slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking. It sets out a range of measures on how modern slavery and human trafficking should be dealt with in the UK. 


As a responsible brand committed to business ethics, we have written a Modern Slavery Statement detailing our commitments and actions taken to ensure the eradication of modern slavery throughout the supply chain.


Our code of conduct and our modern slavery statement have been shared with our partners and will be shared with all future employees of Billi London. 


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Model Charter

Our model charter sets out our expectations regarding models' ethical recruitment and employment. Business ethics are important beyond the supply chain.


When it comes to casting, inclusivity and representation are key. Anyone can become a Billi London model. We want to showcase as many body shapes and sizes as possible. At Billi London, racial, gender, size, age, and discrimination are strictly prohibited.


We are, however, aware that we have got work to do. While we have worked with models of different races and sizes, we want to push inclusivity and representation further to work with people of different ages and genders. Diversity and inclusion will, therefore, guide our future casting decisions.


The Lockdown

From the start of the Billi London journey we have sought to be leaders in business ethics in the hosiery sector. We want to serve as an example of how business should be done for our consumers and beyond. We are not perfect, but we truly believe that we have created something special for our community and we hope you feel the same!

If you have any questions about our ethical decisions or business ethics policies, do not hesitate to contact us at: info@billi-london.com