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How are you sustainable?

Find out more here.

Are your tights made of recycled yarn? 

No. Recycling an old pair of tights into a new one is not possible. So a laddered tight create waste. 

Using recycled nylon coming from other industries (such as fishnet for instance) is possible. Sadly recycled nylon will never come from your old tights.

It should also be noted that the technology behind recycling often requires the use of additional, often harmful chemicals. In addition, recycling very often deteriorates the quality of the fiber, thus reducing the possibility of recycling it indefinitely.

Which fibres are your tights made of?

In order to make tights in the majority of cases, two fibres are combined: nylon and elastane. The Classic 30 Denier and the Coco are made with a mix of Amni Soul Eco® Nylon and ROICA ™ V550 Elastane with an enhanced biodegradability. Both are certified OEKO-TEX®️ Standard 100 class 1. To find out more, visit our page Understanding Biodegradability.

Are your tights durable?

We are working with the best fibres experts in Italy, so no compromises have been made: our tights are comfortable, durable and of superior quality.
But remember that tights are fragile, and this is even more true for a thin 30 denier one. Tights are like your favourite cashmere jumper or silk top. You need to care for them and treat them with love! We have created a care routine here that will extend the durability of your tights. You're welcome!


However, if a small hole does occur at some point: it will stay as it is and will not spread down or up the length of your tights. The innovative 3D knitted technology that we use guarantees so.

How do I dispose of my Billi London tights when they reach the end of their life? 

Billi London Sustainable Tights Are Recycled tights

Like any other item of clothing, it is important to send it to a collection center for used textiles. From there, it will be recycled into felts, insulating materials.


Billi London Biodegradable Tights Can Be Thrown in the Household Bin

If this option is not available, you should put your Billi London tights in your household bin. Once in landfill, it will biodegrade into organic matter and biogas in around 5 years instead of 40 to 100 years for other tights.

And like all biodegradable products, our tights should not be discarded casually into the environment as the necessary conditions for their biodegradation won’t be met.

Can I compost my tights?

No! Even though we know it’s tempting, please don’t! 

Biodegradable is not the same as compostable and Billi London tights should not be put in compost.

A product called biodegradable does not biodegrade under any conditions. And in the case of Billi London tights these conditions are met in an anaerobic environment (characteristic of landfills). Unlike the aerobic compost environment. 


Which size do you offer?

We offer our tights in 4 sizes: S, M, L, XL. 

Download our full size guide here to help you find the perfect fit.

We are working to offer you a wider sizes range. As we are starting, we are not able to produce more sizes because it implies the study of new body measures which requires time and additional investments. But we are on the way! 

What is 3D knitted technique? 

The 3D knitting technique allows a 360-degree flexibility, so no more rolling, twisting and pinching. The tights can stretch in all different directions – not just lengthways and widthways. It means a superior elasticity for the tights to recover right away.
Billi London tights therefore adapt and adjust to every shape and size.

Return Policies 

Can I get a refund/exchange/cancel my order? 
We are sorry to hear something went wrong with your order. As stocks are limited, we won’t be able to offer any exchange, return or refund during our closing down sales from February 2 to March 2, 2023. We therefore invite you to carefully consult our size guide.


Who's the team behind Billi London?

We are Sophie and Marie, two French entrepreneurs living in London and obsessed with fixing the unsustainable tights industry. And we have designed unique enhanced biodegradable tights that are durable. You can read more about us here.

What if I have more questions?

Please do reach out to us at info@billi-london.com we will answer all your questions within 24 hours and with a big smile. 

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