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Although we admire fashion brands trying to have a positive impact by using recycled materials, we think this focus is too narrow and only solves one small part of the wider issue.

While using recycled material is attractive, it unintentionally convinces us that it is okay to be wasteful in other areas, because we make up for it through recycling, much of which ends up in landfill. 


When you take a step back and consider the damaging impact that it has on the environment, tights should not be seen as a disposable afterthought.


We think the purchasing experience of tights has not adapted or evolved with women and the times.


When you walk into a shop to restock on tights this is usually a forgotten section at the back of the store.


Unfortunately, this has caused many women to fall out of love with tights, yet so many women wear tights every day. 


We want women to reconnect with hosiery by shaking up the industry with a product design that focuses on a contemporary and sensual feel coupled with 21st century experience.


We are offering with Billi London the only and world's first enhanced biodegradable tights in landfill, that are durable and elegant.


We believe women don’t need more choice, they need quality, inspiration and practical advice on how to care for tights.


This is why we will limit the options by choosing quality over quantity. We want to create a breadth of models that we think will appeal to women. These will focus less on what age group you are or even who you are, in favour of what options appeal to your style.


While tights might not be an obvious force for social change, we believe that Billi London offers a real opportunity to drive change on problems that transcend its category. 


Billi London’s sustainable tights have been designed to become a fashion essential of a women’s wardrobe: wanted, loved and looked after with extra care.

Marie & Sophie, Billi London Founders