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Dress for change

Today we want to both look and feel great. No longer is it enough for our fashion to be a material commodity, now it must equally behave with a conscience. 

While our values have changed, legwear has lagged behind other categories in reflecting this new ethos. 

Rarely do we question its journey beyond our wardrobe, however it’s this exact question that led us to years of research and the founding of Billi London.

Revolutionary legwear which does not compromise on any of the markings of true luxury: durability, craftsmanship, innovation and absolute comfort. 

It is with this enduring passion for innovation and enhancement that we continue to challenge the norms of the industry in search of more sustainable methods and materials. 

Forever bringing you luxury legwear with a conscience.

Billi London is revolutionising the legwear industry.

In the UK, tights represent over 7000 tonnes of waste in landfill each year, taking up to 100 years to decompose. 

Our mission is to transform consumer’s fashion habits and the textile industry today, to protect tomorrow, with resistant, comfortable and high-tech eco legwear. 

We have created the world's first legwear brand whose entire composition benefits from natural and accelerated degradation in landfill.

Tights are impossible to recycle into a new pair and difficult to repair, so most end up as waste.

In the UK, 100 million tights are sold and discarded each year. Globally, this figure is 8 billion.  

We contribute to solving the fashion waste issue that pollutes the planet by transforming the way people think, care, buy and dispose of their tights.

Billi London reduces the amount of time tights pollute in landfill by more than 80%.

Firstly, our nylon yarn, which is the dominant fibre in hosiery is sourced from Italian–based supplier Fulgar.They provide us with their Amni Soul Eco® Nylon, which has been modified to attract bacteria to accelerate its biodegradation process in an anaerobic environment (an oxygen-free environment).

Anaerobic environments are characteristic of modern, controlled landfills. The bacteria munch on the biodegradable yarn turning it into...


Billi London is the top-rated brand on the sustainable brand rating platform - Zei for the category ‘Ready-to-wear & textiles’ having obtained a score of 88% for environmental performance.



To advance fashion supply chain transparency in the hosiery industry, we are participating in the Open Apparel Registry (OAR).

The Open Apparel Registry is a technology that helps fashion brands cultivate supply chain disclosure. They do this by...



Our legwear is delivered using elegant shipping solutions developed with care for our planet in mind. We've taken away the unnecessary bits and pieces (hello plastic) and we focus on what really matters: quality premium pantyhose which is comfortable and designed with sustainability in mind.



Bernard Saltiel, Former CEO, Le Bourget.

Founded by his grandfather in Paris in 1924, Bernard Saltiel joined the family business, Le Bourget, in 1978 where he remained CEO for 15 years. In 12 years, he transformed the domestic business from an €11 million brand to a €91 million international entity listed on the Stock Exchange. Saltiel left Le Bourget in 1993, two years before the brand was sold to Edi Group. Le Bourget to this day is one of the most familiar and established French hosiery brands.

Saltiel became an Advisor to Billi London in September 2019.

Billi London co-founders, Marie and Sophie, smiling together while they showcase our product range
Billi London forever brings you luxury legwear with a conscience
Billi London is revolutionizing the legwear industry
Billi London reduces the amount of time legwear pollute the landfills
Discover Billi London's unique durable eco yarns
Billi London's sustainable methods of tight production
A display of the high-tech yarns used to make our innovative and ladder-resistant tights at the Billi London pop-up store in Seven Dials, London
One of our clients, Omar, wearing a pair of Billi London Classic 30 Denier seamless Black eco tights. Our pieces suit people of all genders!
Bernard Saltiel former CEO of Le Bourget is Billi London's advisor