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I became an entrepreneur because…


the opportunity came along, and I took it without questioning it too much because I love discovering new things. That’s what motivates and drives me. I never really told myself I’d be an entrepreneur, but I’d always wanted to launch my own fashion brand, even though I thought I’d be 40 or 50 years old when I’d do it. I’ve always loved creating, perhaps that’s something I’ve always had in me.




I can’t work without…

tea and chocolate!




Fashion is important because…

it’s a source of inspiration and creativity. It helps you escape. I still have a notebook I used to keep as a teen, where I’d draw elegant dresses…




I wish fashion was...





My fashion icon...

The whole Yves Saint Laurent universe!


Marie personalising each of the Billi London orders by hand



The best tip I’ve been given…

Learn to love yourself




The worst fashion faux-pas...

Wearing something in which you don’t feel comfortable.




My favourite style...





When I choose new clothes, I want them to be…

comfortable, durable and timeless. I want to be able to wear them a lot, and for a long time.




The perfect piece to style with tights...

one of my favourite dresses.


Marie, surrounded by the very first Billi London packages that were ready to ship, 2020



The Billi London piece(s) I wear every day…


I’d gladly spend my whole life in our legging, whether it is to work from home, chill in front of the TV at night, on an evening out or at an afterwork party, paired with a smart jacket and a nice pair of shoes.


Then I alternate between the Coco and the Classic. I wear them both with the same outfits, it doesn’t matter if they are printed or plain fabrics. I love wearing both tights just as much. The Coco one adds a little something, I like it when going to parties, meeting new people, attending some fancy event.


I also wear knee-high socks under jeans or with shorts during Summer. I like bringing a touch of colour on my ankles, which can be spotted when I sit down or I’m on the move.




If I was a Billi London piece, I’d be…

our leggings. Not only because it’s ultra comfortable – by now you’ve understood that’s a must for me! – but also because it is really feminine. It perfectly hugs the curves, and adapts to your body shape with incredible softness.




Apart from Coco tights, my wardrobe staple is…

a white tee-shirt. I’d never go anywhere without one!




How long it takes me to get dressed:

3 minutes maximum. I want it to be quick and easy, so I can focus on my work for Billi!




Handbag: big or small?

As small and light as possible. Just enough for my keys, wallet, hand cream, perfume, and lipstick.




After a hard day’s work, my recipe for comfort…

wearing my Billi London leggings!


Marie holding a sign supplied by Fashion Revolution, reading, 'What's in my clothes?'