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Unsure about your size? View the Billi London size chart here: S, M, L & XL
Click on the image below to download our size guide


Which size do you offer?

We offer our tights in 4 sizes: S, M, L, XL. 

We know it’s infuriating to buy tights and never knowing if they are going to be the right fit. 

50 women took part in our size fitting trials and thanks to them we have now developed an advanced technical size chart, so you will know exactly which size to select for your biodegradable tights.

Our size chart has been done so it’s more inclusive and visually easy to understand. It should only take you a few seconds to select the right one for you, whatever your size, height and shape!

Unsure about your size? View the Billi London size chart here: S, M, L & XL

What if I am in-between two sizes?

Do not panic, you will find the perfect one for you too! 

Based on our experimentations, the choice will need to be made according to your preferences. Do you like them high-waisted or low-waisted? Do you like them thinner or thicker? 

If you prefer to wear your tights high-waisted, above your belly button, then select the bigger size. For instance if our size chart above indicates that you are in between a S and a M, then select a M. 

If on the contrary you prefer your tights to be tighter and at the belly button, select the smaller size. In this example, a S. 

The bigger the tight will be for you, the thicker it will appear. Therefore if you prefer to wear your tights thinner, we would recommend selecting the smallest size, in this example, go with the S. 

But it all depends on your preference! 

Still unsure?

If you are  still unsure about the right size for you, we will happily guide you as best we can, you can contact us at info@billi-london.com

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