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I became an entrepreneur because…


I’ve always been extremely driven and ambitious, I have a lot to give when I’m passionate about something. So it made sense to use my energy and dedication to good use, and to do something that will have a positive impact on the world. Change starts small…




I can’t work without…

a mission, a goal or a deadline




Fashion is important because…

you get to express yourself




I wish fashion was more...





My fashion icon...

Charlotte Gainsbourg


Sophie Billi-Hardwick, Billi London co-founder and entrepreneur.



The best tip I’ve been given…

wear what makes you feel good and comfortable




The worst fashion faux-pas...

feeling that you have to dress like everyone else. If you like something, then that’s all that matters.




My favourite style...

versatile. One day I’m in sneakers, the next day I wear high heels.




When I choose new clothes, I want them to be…

innovative, unique, different. As a teen, I wanted to set trends rather than follow them. These days, I’m after timeless pieces!




The perfect piece to style tights...

a nice dress with a pair of high-heeled boots.


Billi London co-founder and entrepreneur, Sophie, making notes during the working day



The Billi London piece(s) I wear every day…

Coco all the way. It turns a simple look into a super, subtle sexy look. It’s my go-to!




If I was a Billi London piece, I’d be…

you guessed it, the versatility of the Coco! It looks stylish with trainers, super sexy with high-heel shoes… It can go with any mood, any outfit.




Apart from Billi London pieces, my wardrobe staple is…

a pair of sparkly ballet flats – I love how such a simple accessory can upgrade any look!




How long it takes me to get dressed:

2 seconds when I’m working from home, 15 minutes when I’m going out.




Handbag: big or small?

Huge, actually! My whole life is in there: I carry my laptop, wallet, glasses, Billi London boxes, my children’s socks… Sometimes, I even find my daughter’s dummies!




After a hard day’s work, my recipe for comfort… These days, sprawling out on the couch while watching an episode of Friends or Scrubs.