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Billi London's Commitments to Sustainability

How are you sustainable?

Ethical & sustainable practices are at the core of what we do. This means that we carefully consider the impact that each of our decisions have on our workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. 

It has always been a non-negotiable criteria for us to find manufacturers that share our aim of leaving a beneficial footprint for human society and the planet. We are proud to call our manufacturer a partner and work hand in hand with them to create better tights for you, and the planet. 

We are working towards eliminating the concept of waste by establishing waste management strategies, minimising or avoiding the use of chemical products and focusing on low energy and water consumption best practices. 

To understand more, check out our explanation about biodegradability and waste management system here


Our manufacturer’s commitment are:

Factories equipped with solar panels for energy production 

Factories equipped with water treatment and water recycling facilities 

Higg Index member, using a suite of tools to accurately measure and score their company and product sustainability’s performance

-  OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, attesting that our products meet the strict limit values for harmful substances and are non toxic for our health 

-  ZDHC Contributor: Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemical, a certification and testing program to measure hazardous products  

- OEKO-TEX® Detox to Zero, monitoring chemical management and wastewater quality 

Billi London's Suppliers' Factories are Ethical and Developing Ecoconscious Production Processes

Our short term goal is to become B Corps certified, which will attest that Billi London meets the highest standard of verified social and environment performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.  


What do we hope to change in the tights industry?

While tights might not be an obvious force for social change, Billi London’s innovative product will offer a real opportunity to move the needle on problems that transcend its little category. 

We think that using recycled yarns is not a satisfactory and long-term solution to fix tights' adverse impact on the environment. Our ambition is to create a movement and a new norm for the tights sector going far beyond the recycling approach which we think is only a sticking plaster for social and environmental sustainability.


Our battle is centred around three goals:

- Reduce the impact of waste with limited recovery options when they reach the end of their life cycle

- Eliminate the concept of waste across the production line by having environmentally friendly production

- Participate in the world's transition to a circular economy and therefore a more respectful recycling system

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