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Being sustainable is above all being transparent


Our cost breakdown 

Are you wondering what the real cost is to create the world’s first biodegradable tights?

We want to be fully transparent with you about our processes, our commitments and our pricing.

We offer a fair price that is set according to our use of a new yarn never seen before in the tights industry. Like any innovation, the costs for R&D are substantial. 

Discover the True Cost of Billi London's Sustainable and Ethical Tights as Transparency is a Key Value of Billi London

*Please note that the above shipping cost is an average cost between the UK and European countries that are at our expense.

We are currently taking care of the logistical operations of the business which allows us to reinvest a little more in the development of the brand and to communicate the novelty and innovation of our approach as opposed to traditional tights or those made from recycled yarn.

However, there may come a time when we won't be able to manage all new orders. We will then have to go through a logistics platform, which will impact the true cost of our tights. The cost price will be higher than €19. We hope by that time that our sales volume will enable us to free up the necessary funds to continue investing in the development of Billi.   

Transparency is a key value to Billi London

Margin is not an end but a means allowing us to finance the development of Billi London and to invest in research and innovation in order to offer you the best products on the market.

Development requires testing phases that are challenging. Ideas are tested and sometimes need to be abandoned. It is therefore important to be able to finance research to explore our fields of possibilities, so we can select the best alternative that is feasible, respectful both for humans and the planet. 

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