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Why us?

Billi London is the only and world’s first biodegradable tights

Four reasons to dress up your legs with Billi

1. Unique designs 

We will surprise you across the year with the most stylish and timeless design. They will become an iconic part of your wardrobe and a fashion essential to make you feel sensual, bold and unique

2. We got your legs

No more emergency purchases, we have created the most irresistible fashion box. We will deliver your tights directly to your door. You will look forward to unpacking your box and dressing up your legs effortlessly. Simply enjoy to style and diversify your outfits with our tights. 

3. The new generation of tights 

Thanks to our premium yarns and 3D knitted technology, your tights will be able to stretch in every way with a 360-degree flexibility. It means that they can now adapt and adjust to every shape and size, whilst also recovering after wears. So no more rolling, twisting and pinching. You will be wearing the most comfortable and durable tights that feel like a caresse for your legs.

4. Positive Impact

Our biodegradable approach goes beyond the recycling method - offering recycled tights, a solution which we feel is too narrow and only solves one small part of the wider issue. 

We offer the world’s first enhanced biodegradable tights, biodegrading in 5 years in landfill versus 40 to 100 years for traditional tights (reference system: ASTM D5511 - Std test).

By wearing Billi London’s tights, you contribute to reducing the time that a pair of tights pollute the environment in landfill by more than 80%, protecting our planet now and for the generations to come.

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