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Billi London Coco Biodegradable tights
Billi London Coco Biodegradable tights
Billi London Coco Biodegradable tights
Billi London Coco Biodegradable tights
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**Also available in our Back to School Box at a preferred rate **

Coco is Billi London’s first exclusive pattern tight design. It has been named in homage to where Billi London was born when our French co-founders decided to revolutionise the tights industry, in Coco di Mama in London.   

Coco is elegant, playful and sustainable. It will give you style and attitude, with a French touch.  

Pre-order Delivery

This is our first production and they are currently being produced! The first Billi London tights will be shipped to you on the 16th November, unless specified otherwise. We will of course keep you informed! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us

Key features

- Black

- Curves toning and sculpting effect to beautify your natural silhouette  

- A soft seamless waistband sewn by hands with natural tummy flattening effect

- 3D technology allowing a 360-degree flexibility 

- An essential toe reinforcement

- Timeless design, made to last longer 

- They are so soft on your legs, they feel like a caresse

Good for you, and the planet 

Billi London are the world's first enhanced biodegradable tights, decomposing in landfill in less than 5 years versus 40 to 100 years for traditional tights (reference system: ASTM D5511 - Std test).

For more information, check out our Sustainability page and our Biodegradability page. 

Billi’s Care Routine

Your tights should be looked after the same way you care for your most loved pieces of garment. 

We strongly recommend hand washing your Billi London tights. Otherwise, machine wash at 30 degrees maximum without any spinning and in a mesh garment bag. 

We have created a care guide here that will extend the durability of your tights. You’re welcome!