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Billi London biodegradable legging
Billi London biodegradable comfortable legging
Billi London biodegradable legging is the future generation of legging
Billi London biodegradable everyday legging
SEV7N Biodegradable Legging
SEV7N Biodegradable Legging

SEV7N Biodegradable Legging

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​​Boutique exclusive, available in store. Come and see us to try on your new legging, we are open every day.

On 35-37 Monmouth Street, Seven Dials, London, WC2H 9DD

11 am - 7 pm Monday to Friday

12pm - 5 pm Sunday

SEV7N is the future generation of legging and is named in homage to the first Billi London boutique in Seven Dials, London. 

Seven days a week, At home, Going out, To chill, To dress up, To run and For yoga.

Made with innovative enhanced biodegradable yarns: 

90% Amni Soul Eco® and 10% ROICA ™ V550 elastane. 

Biodegrades in a record time of 5 years in landfill*, breakdown into biomass and biogas, creates renewable energies, does not leave microplastics in landfills. 

Ethically and sustainably made in Italy with solar-powered production & water recycling facilities.